[Repair]Notifier by Honeywell N-6000 Fire Alarm Control Panel

The N-6000 fire alarm control panel is suitable for projects of all sizes, from small houses to large buildings. The LCM-2 circuit board configured in the N-6000,only write NG signs on the circuit board when we take it from client. The client is a large shopping mall in Dashu District, Kaohsiung City. Therefore, the fire alarm is very important for the safety of the Vendor and customers.

N-6000火警系統控制盤適合各種規模的專案,從小型住宅到大型建築 都能廣泛適用。 今天要維修的是N-6000裡配置的LCM-2迴路模板,送來時只註明「故障」。 客戶是高雄市大樹區的大型購物中心。 所以火警警報器對業者跟顧客的安全是非常重要的。

LCM-2 circuit board


LCM-2 迴路模板的背面
The back of the LCM-2 circuit board

最後換掉一顆新的CPU之後,就大功告成了 Finally, the engineer find out there was a problem with the CPU,we replace a New CPU and done.

If you have that problem, you can contact us.

We will provide repair and buy its price.



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