“Good repair service is we had already repair it yesterday. Bad repair service is we will have repair it today or tomorrow.” – CEO S.H. Huang.

Our Services

Sales agent for used surplus.

If you want to sell your surplus but you do not have any idea, try to contact us. We can help you to find somebody who want to buy and make your surplus into our warranty system. (90 days)

Sell to us

Long-term repair system.

Leave your broken equipment or PCB to us. We will repair it before you want to buy it. If you rent this service every month, you can deserve longest 2 years warranty (720 days).

Repair yours

Emergency repair service.

If you just need it but no way to go, our engineer can help you to repair your equipment or PCB immediately. This service need you pay our cost price and you will deserve 3 months warranty (90 days).

Our Technologies

PCB reverse engineering

Our engineer can use multi-meter, human brain, microscope and some luck to reverse a PCB into a schematic. Because we call the process from schematic to PCB is forward engineering, we call this action reverse engineering.

PCB repair technique

We developed our custom test process, which utilizes the in-circuit test technique, to detect hard part failures, as well as parts that have degraded due to stress, right down to the microchip level. It even detects which components are likely to fail in the near future.


If your circuit board, controller or power supply unsalvageable or obsolete. We offers remanufacturing services. Our skilled workforce develops remanufacturing and test solutions for circuit board.